DIET’s  objective could be briefly stated in the following terms:

To provide     academic and resource support at the grass roots level for the success of     the various strategies and programmes being undertaken in the areas of elementary     and adult education, with special reference to the following objectives.

Elementary     Education: • Universalization of primary/elementary education. • Adult Education: • NLM targets in regard to functional literacy in the 15-35 age group.

1. To     make primary education all extensive at the District level.    

2. To undertake action research to improve the quality of primary education.    

3. To provide training to primary school Head Masters, teachers, conductors     of adult education centres, observers and, main volunteers of Anganwadi’s and     Balwadi’s.    

4. To organize various training programmes for primary school teachers and     to prepare self made educational tools.    

5. To provide training to C.R.C. and B.R.C. co-coordinators belonging to the     district.    

6. To arrange for progressive development of B.R.C. and C.R.C.