Objectives Of DIET

DIET’s objective could be briefly stated in the following terms: To provide academic and resource support at the grassroots level for the success of the various strategies and programs being undertaken in the areas of elementary and adult education, with special reference to the following objectives.

Elementry Education

  1. Universalisation of primary/elementary education.
  2. Adult Education:
    1. NLM targets in regard to functional literacy in the 15-35 age group.
    2. To make primary education extensive at the District level.
    3. To undertake action research to improve the quality of primary education.
    4. To provide training to primary school Head Masters, teachers, conductors of adult education centers, observers, and, main volunteers of Anganwadis and Balwadis.
    5. To organize various training programs for primary school teachers and to prepare self-made educational tools.
    6. To provide training to C.R.C. and B.R.C. co-coordinators belonging to the district.
    7. To arrange for the progressive development of B.R.C. and C.R.C.


  1. Training and orientation of the following target groups:
    1. Elementary school teachers (both pre-service and in-service).
    2. Head Masters, Heads of School Complexes and officers of Educational Departments up to block level.
    3. Instructors and supervisors of Non formal and Adult Education (induction level and continuing education)
    4. Members of DBE and Village Education Committees (VEC’s), community leaders, youth and other volunteers who wish to work in educational activities.
    5. Resource persons who will conduct suitable programs for the target groups mentioned in (a) and (c) above, at centers other than DIET.
  2. Academic and resource support to the elementary and adult education systems in the district in other ways e.g. by …
    1. Extension activities and interaction with the field,
    2. Provision of services of a resource and learning center for teachers and instructors,
    3. Development of locally relevant materials, teaching aids, evaluation tools etc., and
    4. Serving as an evaluation centre for elementary schools and programs of NFE/AE.
  3. Action research and experimentation to deal with specific problems of the district in achieving the objectives in the areas of elementary and adult education.
  4. To provide training and guidance for the implementation of programs like activity-based and joyful learning and creating the willingness to go to school.
  5. To undertake research and experimentation, keeping in mind problems of the educational arena and to solve them.
  6. To familiarize Headmasters, teachers, C.R.C.s, B.R.C.s co-coordinators and supervisors with new approaches.
  7. To organize seminars and workshops to enhance the abilities for teaching subjects like Mathematics, Science, work Experience, Art teaching and Yoga teaching at the primary school level.
  8. To provide guidance for diagnosis and remedies for abilities established by the students through capacity-aimed evaluation and also lack of abilities thereof.
  9. To provide guidance and evaluation techniques to ensure success for activity-based education.
  10. To visit alternative schools for migrant children and to give guidance there.
  11. To visit V.E.C, M.T.A., .T.A. and provide guidance to the same.
  12. To undertake programs for non-ritualistic education.
  13. To make lecturers visit meetings at C.R.C level & to provide guidance.