Powers and duties of officers and employee.


  • Head of the Institute as a Controlling officer.
  • Planning of training for primary teacher.
  • Planning for Population Education.
  • Training for Handicapped children through IEDC Cell.
  • Planning of Science fair.
  • Planning of Children fair (Bal Mela).
  • Inspection for the PTC College.
  • Budget Planning
  • Purchase related work.

Jr. Lecturer (PSTE):

  • To Develop low cost teaching Aids.
  • To develop educational material for teaching.
  • To Conduct Training program.
  • To do Work experience activity.
  • To do work about ECO club development.
  • Cleanliness of Garden, campus, ground, Institute, etc.
  • Campus Development.
  • Puppets show training and demonstration.
  • Planning of Social activity.

Jr. Lecturer (DRU):

  • To participate in Population Education Program.
  • To participate in Continuous Education Program (Nirantar Shixan)
  • To Conduct Training programs.
  • Celebration of Specific day.
  • To conduct program of Adult Education.
  • To conduct Dramatization.
  • To Conduct Street Play

Jr. Lecturer (I.F.I.C.):

  • To conduct and planning of Training Program for all district teacher.
  • To Conduct Innovation training program of teacher.
  • R.C., B.R.C. Monitoring.
  • To evaluate quality and effectiveness of training program.
  • Selection of Quality school award.
  • Documentation, distribution of Printed material, School Visit
  • Integration with all branches

Jr. Lecturer (C.M.D.E.):

  • To conduct training program.
  • To develop question bank and test.
  • To Reform Syllabus and Curriculum.
  • To Prepare question Paper.
  • To execute achievement test and get result of it.
  • To conduct training program.

Jr. Lecturer (I.C.T.)/Technician(I.C.T.):

  • To help we branch in developing low cost teaching aids.
  • To help we branch in developing e –TLMs.
  • To maintain Computer Lab.
  • To develop slide.
  • To maintain Audio visual Instrument.
  • To help for broadcasting radio program from nearby radio station.
  • Video conference.
  • Computer Education to PSTE trainees

Jr. Lecturer (P & M):

  • Universalization of elementary education.
  • To achieve target of national literacy.
  • To serve statistical information.
  • To make Annual Report and Annual Work plan.
  • To conduct Training program.
  • To make district Profile.
  • Planning of P.A.C. Meeting.
  • To check effectiveness of various training program.
  • To provide information about planning and management.

Librarian (Library):

  • Library Computeriza tion.
  • To maintain registers of Library.
  • To maintain Newspaper and Magazine.
  • Purchase of Books, Magazines related work.

Administrative Department:

O.S. (Auditor Group1):
  • Administrative Supervision.
  • Confidential Report related work.
  • Assistant Public Information Officer.
Head Clerk (Establishment/Mehkam):
  • Recruitment, transfer, promotion related work.
  • Assistant Public Information Officer.
  • Information about setup
Head Clerk (Account):
  • Cashbook and account related work.
  • To withdraw and pay money to lecturer for various training program.
Senior Clerk:
  • To record of employee information.
  • To record Employee vacant related information.
  • To maintain service book.
  • To maintain increment of employee.
  • Accounts, G.P.F., Higher Pay scale related matter.
  • Budget, Pay scale, Hostel work related information.
Junior Clerk (Registry):
  • To maintain Inward Outward Register.
  • To maintain Stamp Register, Franking Register
  • To maintain service book.
  • Trajory related work.
  • Xerox related work.