Now that the Right to Information has been made one of the Fundamental rights of every Indian citizen, it is of paramount importance that all the processes and procedures undertaken by all departments under state government are made transparent. With transparency, there shall be significant improvement in efficiency and accountability of the bureaucracy. It can be expected that the Right to Information will usher in a new dawn of Indian bureaucracy, which is fundamentally strong, responsible and open to public scrutiny.

This booklet seeks to provide all the general information about DIET that is useful from the public point of view. This booklet provides important information about the structure of this organization, along with details about the roles and responsibilities of its various functional components. This booklet will be found useful by any citizen who wishes to know about interventions being undertaken by the organization in the field of elementary education in Gujarat. Any individuals, groups or NGOs who wish to join our endeavors at State, district or grass root levels will find this booklet quite useful and informative. District Institute of Education and Training – Kutch is working under the Head Office GCERT Gandhinagar. As Per Right to information Act 2005, 17 topics discussed here for different information.